The Fifth Avenue Building...

was built in 1929 and has been an integral part of downtown Moline and 5th Avenue ever since.  At the time, it was home to one of, if not the, finest indoor mini golf courses in the country.  It has had many different uses over the years, and has been home to many Moline businesses and restaurants both past and present.  "The Historic Fifth Avenue Building is a timeless Art Deco style landmark in downtown Moline and will become a premiere hospitality property for Heart of America (HOA) Group," said Caleb Rogers, Architect, Heart of America.  "Located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 17th Street, the original eight story structure was designed by Moline's most prolific architect, William H. Schulzke and is listed on the National Historic Registry," added Rogers.


The Heart of America (HOA) Group recently purchased the Fifth Avenue Building and the adjoining property at 1620 5th Avenue, the former Barnett's Fireplaces.  An unexpectedly beautiful Art Deco storefront, originally constructed in 1928 as the Sears Roebuck Block.   HOA has been working very closely with the Moline Historic Preservation Commission to renovate and restore the building into a 98-room hotel.  They plan to keep and preserve as many of the historical elements as possible.  The expected $20 million investment will create a boutique style hotel development that could fall under the HOA brand or possibly Marriott's.  "Original mosaics, stone-clad public spaces and spectacular views of the riverfront will transport our guests to a bygone era of luxury," said Mr. Rogers.  "Beyond the hotel, the scope of the project has yet to be determined, but will likely include banquet and conference spaces and other unique uses complimentary to the growing Downtown Moline community."


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- The Dispatch September 14, 2016









Active Projects

The following is a list of projects and initiatives Renew Moline and its partners are currently focused on.  To get an idea of the locations of these projects in Moline Centre, check this out:

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