PROJECT OVERVIEW - $850 Million Investment

The $850 million Interstate 74 Bridge Corridor project includes a new eight-lane span over the Mississippi River that connects the Illinois and Iowa sides of the Quad Cities and the supporting bridge approaches, ramps, and highway connections.  The City of Moline and Renew Moline are currently meeting with developers and weighing the best options for the land where the former bridge once stood.  Some potential ideas are mixed-use retail and also a green space component with recreation.

The proposed realignment will form a fluid, safe, and highly-functioning river crossing; one that will increase the capacity of motor vehicles and pedestrians traveling across the Mississippi River.

This bi-state public transportation project is being managed by both the Illinois and Iowa Departments of Transportation (IDOT). This initiative is the number one public works project in the Quad Cities region.

Funding for the project is being provided by federal and state sources.  The funding will be implemented in stages over a multi-year period.


A Basket Handle True Arch Twin Bridge design was selected by the communities of Moline, Davenport, and Bettendorf and the two state IDOTs as the most appropriate style for the river span.  This bridge will become an eccentric landmark of the entire region. 


The I-74 Realignment plan calls for three lanes of traffic in each direction, with one additional lane used for emergency vehicles. The new passing will be much safer as well as aesthetically appealing than the antiquated, century-old structure.  Along with the increased in lanes of traffic, a bike path will be work into the project connecting Moline's bike paths with those of Bettendorf.


Before actual construction can proceed, federal funds need to be appropriated in the next Transportation Act yet to be passed by Congress.  This future funding along with annual allocations will be used for Right of Way Acquisition, which is the purchasing of land in which to construct the bridge, design plans and engineering sp that work can begin.


Still awaiting funding for the realignment; project is ongoing.  Development and plans are complete, final approval will be made after funding is secured. Once funding is secured by both the Iowa and Illinois Departments of Transportation, span construction could begin as early as 2014 and is slated to take eight years.


RenewMolineI-74BridgeCorridorSupport for future bridge

RenewMolineI-74BridgeCorridorI-74 Bridge plan moves forward

RenewMolineI-74BridgeCorridorI-74 Bridge to get Makeover

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RenewMolineI-74BridgeCorridorI-74 Final Design Request for Proposal

RenewMolineI-74BridgeCorridorOfficials unveil new !-74 bridge design

RenewMolineI-74BridgeCorridorBridging the Gap Between Iowa, Illinois



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Bridge Arial

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Bridge Rendering

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