Through the efforts of Renew Moline, the City of Moline, the Quad Cities Rail Coalition led by the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, and MetroLINK, in 2018, the Quad Cities will have passenger rail service for the first time in more than 30 years with downtown Moline identified as the location of the rail station.


This coalition was successful in securing $10 million in TIGER II monies from the federal government and more than $6 million in monies from the Illinois Department of Transportation to rehabilitate the chosen site – a six-story former warehouse constructed in 1917 – so that it might be home to an Amtrak rail platform and other transit enhanced development.  This project has already gained national recognition through the Federal Sustainable Cities Initiative and has received additional monies from the U.S. EPA to help this historic rehabilitation, brownfields site in a floodplain make the goal of LEED certification become a reality.


The project received an important boost in 2016 when the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) reaffirmed its committment to the project.  IDOT is able to give their recommendation to the Federal Rail Adminstration (FRA) to help move the development along.  The City of Moline was also selected as a recipient of the SMART Growth Illinois grant, which connects the City of Moline with consultants that can advise the best ways to grow Transit Oriented Developments (TOD).


The project and accompanying high speed rail connection construction from Wyanet, Illinois, is fast-tracked to be completed and ready for rail-service by 2018.



Logos for The Q were unveiled on Tuesday, August 30, check out Renew in the News for all of the press coverage of the event.



Amtrak Station Concept



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Completed TIGER II Grant Application


Active Projects

The following is a list of projects and initiatives Renew Moline and its partners are currently focused on.  To get an idea of the locations of these projects in Moline Centre, check this out:

Moline Centre Current Projects Map