During the past  28 years Moline has established a unique approach to working with developers and property owners known as the Design/Build Management Team and the Project Management Team.  Working in partnership with the City of Moline, Renew Moline assists in preparing projects plans and successfully navigating the economic development assistance and project approval processes.


The Project Management Team, or PMT, is a city committee comprised of the Mayor, four aldermen and four private sector representatives and staffed by Renew Moline and City of Moline staff.  The PMT meets several times per year in open meetings in which current projects are discussed and voted on for recommendation to the whole city council.


For each downtown project, a Design Building Management Team, or DBMT, is created.  These DBMTs are subcommittees of the Project Management Team.  Member of each DBMT include one public sector and one private sector member of the PMT as well as the developer, their architects and other consultants and staff and consultants from Renew Moline and the City of Moline.



In 2006, Renew Moline and the City of Moline were recognized by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) with the International Economic Development Council Promotional Award for these processes as a Multi-Year Economic Development Program Best Practice.



Moline Centre DBMT Process

Project Management Team (PMT)

The primary purpose of the PMT is to implement the Moline Centre Plan through the coordination of activities by City staff, Renew Moline, private consultants, and developers in connection with implementation of any project.  Members of the PMT advise the City Council on all implementation-related matters.


A key purpose of the PMT is to review and comment on the initial terms of TIF development agreements and project designs as negotiated by a project DBMT in advance of presenting plans to the City Council.  In reviewing project terms and designs, the members of the PMT are encouraged to share their insights on how the project will be received by the entire City Council, the private sector and the general public.


The PMT membership consists of the Mayor, four City Council members, and four private-sector members who are community leaders.  All members are appointed by the Mayor with consent from the City Council.  The Chair of the PMT represents the private-sector.  The PMT provides oversight and direction to the DBMT, approving all projects prior to their introduction to the City Council.


The Design/Build Management Team (DBMT)

The purpose of the DBMT is to closely manage a project.  Great attention is given to project fit, functionality, design, economics, and scheduling.  Project details can be openly discussed and addressed in a private setting at the offices of Renew Moline.


The DBMT uses an integrated and collaborative approach to project design, economic development assistance negotiation, political approval, and regulatory compliance.  This process saves time and precious money and results in projects that function more efficiently and have greater community support.


The DBMT is comprised of key City staff, Renew Moline and its consultants, and the project developer.



Renew Moline's successful collaboration with local, state and federal government agencies has resulted in more than $400 million investment in renovation and newly built properties in Moline's downtown, riverfront area.  And more is planned!

These investments have created jobs and returned energy to the old downtown. More than 2,000 people now work full time in downtown and nearly 600 fill part-time roles. Approximately half of these jobs have been created by the redevelopment that has taken place so far.  And more than 2,000 construction jobs have resulted from the projects now in place.



“Problem solving, goal-oriented development is what Renew Moline has meant to us as together we've brought the Moline Enterprise Work-Live Lofts project from conception to reality.

From working through state and federal agency processes to helping promote residency in the property, Renwe Moline has been our partner every step of the way”.


Ted Matkom, Gorman & Company, Inc.


About Us

Renew Moline, Inc. is an award-winning, non-profit economic development organization devoted to the development of the City of Moline.

Moline is part of the greater Quad City Region located west of Chicago at the crossroads of Interstate 80 and the Mississippi River.  The City is also home to the worldwide headquarters of John Deere.

This organization was established in 1989 as Moline was rebounding from an agricultural depression that severely impacted the Quad Cities costing more than 23,000 jobs.  The riverfront and downtown business district was devastated by the loss of merchants, residents, and pedestrian traffic.  This resulted in underutilized land and deteriorating buildings further causing a decline in property values.

A group of dedicated business and civic leaders formed coalition to "renew" Moline.  The task of this public/private partnership was to create jobs, expand Moline's tax base, and return the vibrancy to Moline's downtown.

The outcome of this effort was the creation of Renew Moline, Inc.  This group of dedicated businesses and individuals is committed to working in partnership with the City of Moline to implement the "Moline Centre Plan."

The successful implementation of the Moline Centre Plan will ensure that the entire community will grow and thrive in concert with the downtown and Mississippi Riverfront, now known as Moline Centre.

Since 1989, this partnership has facilitated over $400 million of public and private investments that significantly eliminated blight and substantially revitalized Moline Centre, fast becoming a national model as a place to live, work, and play.