Carrie O'Neill - Chairman of Renew Moline, Inc.

Carrie O’Neill joined Wells Fargo in 2007, via the acquisition of National City Bank.  Carrie assumes the role of quarterback in managing a team of carefully selected specialists, ensures that all client needs are met and we are delivering on The Private Bank Client Experience.  As part of private banking, Carrie provides clients with personal service, including banking, credit, investment management and trust and estate services.

Carrie presently serves on the board of directors of DARI, Downtown Association of Rock Island, and the board of directors for Renew Moline. She is also serving on the Workplace Cabinet of the United Way of the Quad Cities. She is active in the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce South Park Task Force as well as a member of the Executive Club. She is also a member of the Rock Island Rotary. Carrie is past Chair of the Quad City Development Group and past Chair of WQPT television station.

Officers & Executive Committee 2017-2018

Carrie O'Neill (Wells Fargo Bank)

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Chairman of the Board

William Ratzburg (Deere & Company)

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Vice Chairman

(Renew Moline, Inc.)

Ex-Officio Member/CEO-President

Adam Judd (KONE, Inc.)

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Gerald Taylor
(The Dispatch * The Rock Island Argus)

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Assistant Secretary

Gerald L. Butts Assistant Secretary

Daniel Daly (Southeast National Bank)



Greg Theis (MidAmerican Energy)

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Jennifer Bennett (Shive-Hattery Architecture and Engineering)

Shive-Hattery - Architecture Engineering


Joe Rives (Western Illinois University-Quad Cities)


Mark Evans (First Midwest Bank)


Mike Ellis (RiverStone Group, Inc.)

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Mayor Stephanie Acri (City of Moline)

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John A. Slover, Jr. (Califf & Harper, P.C.)

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Ex-Officio Officer

Board of Directors 2017-2018

Dan Jaros

American Bank & Trust Company, N.A.

John A. Slover, Jr.

Califf & Harper, P.C.

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Jason Fark

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Mayor Stephanie Acri

City of Moline

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William Ratzburg

Deere & Company

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Gerald J. Taylor

The Dispatch * Rock Island Argus

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Mark Evans

First Midwest Bank

Theresa Main

Genesis Medical Center - Illini Campus


Hunt Harris

Harris Family Foundation
(Non-Voting Member)

Rory Washburn (Interim)

Illowa Construction Labor & Management Council

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Mara Downing

John Deere Foundation

Adam Judd

KONE, Inc.

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Jeff Nelson


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Greg Theis

MidAmerican Energy Company

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Steve Ollenburg

Modern Woodman Bank


Lanty McGuire

Moline School Board-District #40 (Institutional Member)

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Joy Boruff

The Moline Foundation, P.C. (Institutional Member)

Darla Evans

Paragon Commercial Interiors, Inc.

Gerald L. Butts

Mike Ellis

RiverStone Group, Inc.

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Caitlin Russell

Russell Construction Co.

Russell, Inc.

Jennifer Bennett

Shive-Hattery Architecture and Engineering

Shive-Hattery - Architecture Engineering

Daniel Daly

Southeast National Bank


Jerry Lack

Tri-City Building & Construction Trades Council

Tammy Pauwels

UnityPoint Health - Trinity

UnityPoint Health

Dennis Naranjo

U.S. Bank, N.A.

Carrie O’Neill

Wells Fargo Bank

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Robert Ontiveros

West Gateway Partners, L.L.C.

Dr. Joe Rives

WIU-Quad Cities



The creation of Renew Moline was sparked by Steve Hyman, then a member of the City of Moline Planning Department.  Steve felt that the City was not equipped to undertake some of the redevelopment needs and opportunities that would surface as construction of the Civic Center (the MARK of the Quad Cities) and Heritage Place began.

Hyman approached several business people in early 1989 with the suggestion that the creation of a public/private partnership similar to Rejuvenate Davenport would be beneficial to Moline.  Specifically, some properties surrounding the proposed Civic Center site were unattractive, dilapidated, and worn out. Others were marginally productive, or not suited to the desired support of the Civic Center.


Renew Moline is a private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to economic development and redevelopment actvities within the City of Moline.


2007 Quad City Region Washington Briefing Paper

Analysis of Quad City Region (.pdf)

RiverTech Initiative Draft Booklet

RiverTech Plan Draft (.pdf)

2006 IEDC Promotional Award to Renew Moline

Renew Moline Recieves Economic Development Award [September 2006]


About Us

Renew Moline, Inc. is an award-winning, non-profit economic development organization devoted to the development of the City of Moline.

Moline is part of the greater Quad City Region located west of Chicago at the crossroads of Interstate 80 and the Mississippi River.  The City is also home to the worldwide headquarters of John Deere.

This organization was established in 1989 as Moline was rebounding from an agricultural depression that severely impacted the Quad Cities costing more than 23,000 jobs.  The riverfront and downtown business district was devastated by the loss of merchants, residents, and pedestrian traffic.  This resulted in underutilized land and deteriorating buildings further causing a decline in property values.

A group of dedicated business and civic leaders formed coalition to "renew" Moline.  The task of this public/private partnership was to create jobs, expand Moline's tax base, and return the vibrancy to Moline's downtown.

The outcome of this effort was the creation of Renew Moline, Inc.  This group of dedicated businesses and individuals is committed to working in partnership with the City of Moline to implement the "Moline Centre Plan."

The successful implementation of the Moline Centre Plan will ensure that the entire community will grow and thrive in concert with the downtown and Mississippi Riverfront, now known as Moline Centre.

Since 1989, this partnership has facilitated over $400 million of public and private investments that significantly eliminated blight and substantially revitalized Moline Centre, fast becoming a national model as a place to live, work, and play.